Ten Points to Consider When Seeking a Sorority

While it-s true that the sorority has to choose you, you too must choose the sorority.
Choosing a sorority may seem simple, but there should be a lot of thought and consideration that goes into this process.

Make sure you research the sororities your college or school has listed with the Greek Student Organizations Department, also known as the Pan-Hellenic Council on some campuses. You want to seek the sorority that upholds the same beliefs and values that you do as a person.Get more information here. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2016000183_apuscornellhazing.html?syndicationrss Never sacrifice who you are to become something you may never be happy being.

Big doesn-t always mean great, and small isn-t necessarily horrible. The amount of members in an organization has nothing to do with the character of the organization. Each chapter size varies from educational institution to institution.

Since this is a sisterhood, you have to make sure these are the women that you will be comfortable sharing every secret and crisis with. If you cannot trust the members in one sorority, you should consider joining another group.

What type of reputation does the chapter have around campus, and nationally? If the sorority is known just for partying, you might want to rethink joining. You want to be in a group that leads to greatness, not one that leads to destructive paths.

If the group hazes, you should reconsider. Hazing is not legal, and sororities should not do it.

Make sure you join a Greek Sorority that is active in the community. You want to give back, so your organization should too.

Can you grow as a person with your sorority? If not, it-s not the group for you.

Peer pressure shouldn-t exist in your chapter. You need to be free to make your own choices and decisions, as long as those decisions are respectable and legal.

Join the organization you would want your daughters and grand-daughters to join. If the sorority isn-t one you would recommend to them, rethink it for yourself.

Joining a sorority is like making everlasting friends. Even though you grow, you will grow with these women forever.