Sororities: The Good and The Bad

November 11, 2012 - 12:00 am Comments Off

Fraternities and sororities are important parts of the college experience for any man or woman respectively, and opting to join one isn’t a decision to take lightly. Sororities in particular serve in the college community as a bit of a double-edged sword and while it may seem glamorous to join one that makes the news, it’s always important to do your research and find out why it’s so famous – or infamous. Did you read about this sorority online with your WirelessInternet service or the like only to find the sorority of your dreams was in trouble with the law? It’s important to weigh both the pros and the cons of the sorority experience.

First, the bad
- Hazing. Some sororities think they can bolster camaraderie through humiliation.
- Reputation. If the sorority you are joining is particularly rowdy it could damage your future prospects.
- Excessive Partying. Drugs and alcohol can be a dangerous combination in a wild atmosphere.

Now, the good
- Community service. Many sororities give back to the college community.
- Networking. You could establish a network of friends that will last a lifetime.
- Being a part of something. A sense of community and something you can contribute to.

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