Large vs. Small: Which Size is Better for You?

October 3, 2011 - 12:00 am Comments Off

Just like it is important to choose the right college that works for your educational needs the best. It is as just equally vital to choose the right sorority that you will feel most comfortable in as well. What size sorority will work the best for you? It is only you and you alone as an individual who can come up with the specific answer to this question for yourself. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to all sororities as a whole, no matter if it is large or small in size. It has been stressed how crucial it is to select the right school for yourself already from an education standpoint. Well, the very same applies to sororities, you must search amid the large and the small ones to find the right one for you and part of doing this is weighing each one’s pros and cons. No two college sororities are the same in detail. Nonetheless, the benefits of a large sorority as opposed to a smaller one are obvious, and the same can be said in addition for small sororities as opposed to bigger ones. Each has its own appeal in its own way.

One way to clearly discern which sorority size for you is to do some personal brainstorming after you conduct a search on the different sororities available at your particular school. Ask yourself how do you rate each sorority from your viewpoint and list each one’s advantages and disadvantages. After you rate each one that you check out, you will then be able to get a more ideal picture of the sorority, which is the best from amid the rest. Doing this up close and personal brainstorming is your way of helping you to make a good/firm decision on the sorority that gets your vote/like the best overall. Size is not the most important factor to take into consideration. What is the most important thing is the size of your like for one certain sorority that will stand out the most from the others. Does it offer you what you seek and is what you want as a means to socialize/become a part of interacting college life with other students? If it does, then you have found your sorority to join, despite its large or small size!

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