The Best Advice for Surviving Rush Week

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Although you badly want to be a part of the sorority or fraternity, relax a little. Remember that the Greek organizations need you just as bad. How else will the organizations maintain the criteria necessary to exists, such as membership quantity? With that being said, just have fun, and be yourself.

The first part of being yourself is joining the sorority or fraternity of your own choice. Just because your parents and their parents, or your roommate and best-friend are members or joining a certain organization, doesn-t mean it-s the right fit for you. Research the sorority a little more, and learn what the group is really about. You might find another sorority has the same beliefs and desires as you.

When you attend the meetings or parties, make sure you dress accordingly. Although these are parties, all, or most of the sororities and fraternities are respectable organizations. You want to dress like you are respectable too, despite what some movies showing adult models in sororities may say. Being a part of a Greek organization is not a big party, you give back and help the community grow, it-s all about leadership.

Visit the Greek Student Affairs office and pick up as much literature about the sororities and fraternities on your campus as possible. You will see what each group is about, which will make the conversations you have with the organization-s members and leaders easier to get through.The hits keep comin-: Letterman’s Top Ten

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