Pointers for “Getting In” the Sorority of Your Choice

September 26, 2011 - 12:00 am Comments Off

The main point to remember when trying to get into a sorority is that they NEED members in order to keep thriving. But here are some helpful hints to make a good impression and get a bid to rush.

Appearance- You’ve heard don’t judge a book by its cover, well that is false! Dress appropriately for the situation. If there is a gathering and they ask you wear all one color try to comply. It will show the current membership you are a team player. Also it shows the membership you are willing to try new things.

Manners- Be polite, but don’t get caught up in the excitement. Some of the top misgivings when trying to get in to a sorority are 1. too outgoing 2. too reserved. A happy balance between these is actually what current members are looking for. They want to see candidates who have the potential to one day be leaders, but someone who is also willing to learn. So by being respectful and enthusiastic the membership will get to know you and see your true potential.

Most importantly BE YOURSELF!! No one wants a fake candidate, it is not in the interest of the members.

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